Whether it’s just a few sessions or an ongoing commitment, partnering with a Certified Personal Trainer is a fantastic idea. People work with trainers for a number of reasons, from simply getting the basics on fitness routines and nutrition, all the way to very sport-specific training. Regardless of your goal, a Personal Trainer will help you get there faster.  With a Personal Trainer to guide and encourage you, you’ll be amazed by your improved fitness level, focus, energy level, and general well-being. 30 minute, 60 minutes and buddy training sessions available!

Carlene Beck

Personal Trainer | Nutrition Consultant 

Philosophy: I believe training for life is imperative for all lives and is most successfully accomplished by 1) starting and 2) getting clear on why you’re doing it.

Dante Rodrigues

Personal Trainer

Philosophy: I believe that to have a healthy and strong body we need to move. I believe that a good fitness program keeps you strong and limber so that we can continue to keep moving. I like to build solid workout programs for people that make them strong in body and mind. I want people to look good and feel good as well. We all come to the gym with abilities and starting points, and I think no matter where we start we all can benefit by incorporating movement into our lives.

Frank Clayton, Jr

Performance Coach 510-827-7190

About: Frank Clayton’s training credentials includes a Certified Personal Training, Performance Enhancement Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine and a master’s degree in Performance Psychology. He was the strength and conditioning coach for Oakland Strokes Women’s team since 2014, winning national championships and coaching scores of top recruited athletes. Frank Clayton now has developed a love for the designing programs for both the physical and mental aspect of training athletes. In 2019 he created Accelerated Results Coaching Academy and Podcast, he looks to connect with coaches, parents and athletes with the goal of helping them reach their greatest potential.

Quote: “I just want to see you win.”

Tavia Sanchez

Personal Trainer | Body Recomp Specialist

Philosophy: Everybody starts somewhere

Personal Training Rates


60 MIN



60 MIN



60 MIN


1 session $100


1 session $150 1 session $200
5 sessions $450


5 sessions $750 5 sessions $ 900
10 sessions $900


10 sessions $1350 10 sessions $ 1,800

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